Most folks take their roofs for granted. They count on the comfort, dryness and coolness or warmth they need according to the season, along with the peace of mind that their home is secure. It’s only when a leak or other problem appears that homeowners need experienced help from good roofers.

So, what makes a good roofer?

A good roofer makes a point of working to the highest standards of workmanship. He (or she) knows that it may be very difficult for homeowners standing safely on the ground far below to assess the quality of the craftsmanship until long after the job is over.

That’s why professional roofers make sure they do things right the first time. They, too, have family members or friends, perhaps living in other cities, who rely on skilled, professional roofing contractors to keep their homes weatherproof, solid and secure.

A good roofing crew makes sure that each customer is served with the best work that the home’s underlying conditions will allow.

Good roofers are unsung heroes

A good roofer is one who will work during the hellish summertime conditions here in Tucson to ensure that a home is protected from the elements and high utility bills. And, dedicated professionals sometimes work overtime to ensure that homes remain protected.

That’s life for a good Tucson roofer.

On-time and on-budget

Beyond quality of workmanship, the other characteristic of a good roofer is his (or her) ability to consistently complete roofing projects on-time and on-budget. Homeowners are rightly focused on having the job quoted fairly, then getting the work completed quickly.

Until the job’s completed, and especially for a customer whose roof may be missing its “top” during potentially inclement weather, a roofless homeowner can be as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.

A good roofer promises less and delivers more, so jobs may be completed handily either by or even before the promised final completion date.

Fair price as agreed

Price is always at the foundation of any honest roofing job. A good roofing contractor explains the available options clearly to the homeowner, and makes sure there’s a “meeting of the minds” regarding the total price agreed, before beginning the work.

A good roofer makes sure he gets the work done at the agreed price, unless the homeowner has earlier specified changes which require more time and/or materials.

In summary, a good roofer works to the highest standards of workmanship and professionalism, treats each home as if it housed his own family, uses only customer-approved top-quality materials and delivers the best value in the marketplace, on-time and at a fair price….. like RoofSmart in Tucson.