Roof Evaluation

Roof EvaluationA roof evaluation is the first step toward resolving your roof’s issues. The evaluation is performed by RoofSmart’s highly-experienced team members, who assess the condition of your roof and check for damage or visible problems.

Depending upon the age of your home and the type of roof, an evaluation should be performed every two to four years.

Different types of roofs suffer from different kinds of issues. On flat roofs, we check for ponding, blistering or splitting. On tile roofs we check for broken tiles, broken mortar laps, slipped tile and flashing. On shingle roofs, we assess the condition of the shingles, looking for missing shingles and popping nails and sun damage.

If we are able to access the interior of the home, our evaluation team looks for indications of leaks, such as stains on interior walls or ceilings, drywall damage, or other signs of water damage.

roof evaluation process

The roof evaluation process

The evaluation process includes a visual check of the entire roof surface, as well as checking under the eaves. Interior ceilings and walls are checked for signs of damage from leaks if we have access. Our assessment is very thorough. We take the time to find problems, so you can avoid future expense.

Once the evaluation is completed, we’ll email you a full report about the condition of your roof. We’ll also explain the options for repairing any problems that were discovered, so you can decide the best solution for yourself.

Our team provides roof repairs, roof coating and sealing, membrane roofs, work on tile roofs, and shingles as well.

RoofSmart LLC is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have the experience and tools to find and correct hidden problems before they become costly. If you’d like to have Tucson’s best roofing contractor inspect your home, just give us a call.

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