Roof Coating & Sealing

roof coating-sealingRoofSmart LLC provides Tucson’s most effective residential roof coating and sealing services. We use high sealants grade that are specially designed for the climate right here in Pima County.

We use top-quality roof coating and roof sealing products, and our professional crews have the experience needed to apply these products expertly, in order to ensure years of trouble-free service.

All our roof coating and roof sealing jobs carry at least a 2 year no-leak warranty, and some have a 4 year no-leak warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind.

roof coatings

Roof coatings

Roof coatings serve mainly to protect roofs from the intense power of the sun. Coatings can greatly prolong the life of your roof, yet they don’t always prevent cracks or leaks. Roof sealants provide additional protection against leaks.

At RoofSmart LLC, we apply both types of products, according to the type and condition of your existing roof. First, we conduct a free roof evaluation to assess the condition of your roof, including damaged areas. Then, we explain the various options for coating and sealing your roof, so you’ll understand the strengths and limitations of each applicable product.

The benefits of roof coating and roof sealing

benefits-of-roof-coating-and-sealingRoofs that are well-built and well-maintained can last many years. And, roofs that have been re-coated and sealed may last up to 25 years or longer. Here are the benefits of re-coating your roof:

  • Protection against the damaging effects of sunlight, especially ultraviolet rays
  • Protection against long-term chemical damage from the effects of pollution
  • Decreased heat absorption, which saves money on air conditioning costs
  • Save money and avoid replacing your roof prematurely

If your roof needs help but you don’t want to replace it, or if you simply want to greatly extend the life of your roof, then coating and sealing on a regular basis is the best solution.  Roofs should be coated with a single coat every 2 years or double coated every 4 years.

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