Roof Overlay

Roofing Overlay

Roofing Overlaying a home is a complex process which is best left to professionals such as RoofSmart LLC. We have the experience to complete roofing overlay jobs quickly, cleanly, and without leaks. We do an overlay on shingle roofs, a polyester membrane overlay on built-up roofs, a mineral cap sheet on patios and underlayment on tile roofs.

The roofing overlay process

Roofing OverlaySince a roof overlay involves more extensive construction work than minor roof repairs, there are several steps necessary to complete the process. The first step is always to perform a careful evaluation of the entire roof, in order to assess the best method of resolving your roof’s problems.

The turn-around time also depends on the type of existing roofing material, and of course, on the total surface area of your roof. And, it’s possible that weather heat or cold may cause a job to take more time than usual.

The choice between whether to remove your old roofing entirely or simply cover it with an overlay is important. After a roof evaluation, we can explain the range of options available for your home, so you can choose the best solution.

We do not tear off roofs over living space. If that is what we feel is required, we will refer you to a company that provides that service.

RoofSmart LLC

The next step

Once you’ve determined that your roof needs attention, the next step is to find the best Tucson roofer for the job. By choosing the right roofing contractor, you can enjoy years of leak-free protection for your home.

Here in the Tucson area, RoofSmart is your best choice for top-quality re-roofing services. We have many years of experience serving Pima County homeowners, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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