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RoofSmart is Tucson’s leading residential roofing contractor. With many years of experience serving Pima County, we’re your best choice for quality roofing work.

When you choose RoofSmart, you’ll receive top-quality materials and exceptional workmanship. Our teams are skilled and highly experienced, and we take extra care to ensure your satisfaction.

✓ Expert repairs
✓ Built-up/flat roofs
✓ Tile roofing
✓ Roof coating and sealing
✓ Shingles
✓ Roof Flashing and skylights


Tucson Roofing Contractor 

Tucson Roof Repair

Roof Repair

There is no reason to delay your roof repairs when you can call Tucson’s RoofSmart. We are located on N. Oracle Road Tucson, Arizona. At the first sign of a roof problem, RoofSmart is the best company in Tucson offering professional roofing services and products. We are a licensed, bonded and insured roofing company.


Tucson Roof Coating

Roof Coating & Sealing

At RoofSmart, we take pride in using the latest and most effective products in Tucson. We strive to work hand in hand with these companies to better serve and satisfy customer needs. Our coating and sealing supplies are tailored to Tucson’s almost all year round sun and heat.


Tucson Re-Roofing


The re-roofing process can be difficult to understand, but our professional and highly skilled staff can simplify it for you. RoofSmart is the leading licensed and bonded roofing company offering smart roofing solutions and products in Tucson.