Roof Care and Maintenance


Many homeowners forget about their roofs until there’s a problem. Yet, in order to protect your home and its contents, you should perform regular roof care and maintenance. If there’s an issue, you can then schedule an evaluation by a leading Tucson roofing contractor, such as RoofSmart LLC.


What to look for

Every roof leak and other roof-related issue starts small. But, because of the harsh sun and extreme heat here in Pima County, small problems can grow quickly. Here are the main areas which should be checked during basic roof maintenance:

Shingles or tiles………. If you can view at least part of your roof, have a look and see if you can spot any loose shingles or tiles, or whether you can observe any sign of loose, deteriorated or missing roofing material.

Chances are, if any part of your roof suffers from an issue, then the rest of the roof is likewise affected.

If you observe anything unusual, you should contact RoofSmart in order to receive a free roof inspection.

Flashing and metalwork………. Check around flashings and metal trim to see if there are any signs of corrosion or separation. If so, then water may also be entering through the roof. If you can observe them, pay special attention to areas around chimneys and vent pipes, where roof damage often occurs.

roof-maintenance-serviceTrees overhanging the roof………. Try to see whether there are any tree branches overhanging or resting on your roof, or any that may fall on the house due to wind or rain. If there are any live tree branches or already-fallen leaves and branches resting on your roof, they may allow water to build up and seep into the roof.

Ceilings………. Inside your home, have a look at all ceiling areas, especially in attics or closet spaces. If there’s roof damage and water leaks, these interior areas are usually overlooked until the damage becomes worse.

Of course, if there is any sign of water damage in a living area, or if you’re suffering from an active roof leak, you should immediately contact Roofsmart for the best roof repair service in Tucson.

Very important – When you’re performing basic roof maintenance and care, you should never walk on your roof, because it could make any damage worse. Instead, you should use a ladder, or even sportsman’s binoculars to see the surface from afar.

Or, just call RoofSmart. We’ll perform a free roof evaluation and explain the available options for resolving any issues.

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