Built-Up Flat Roofs

built up flat roof

RoofSmart is Tucson’s best roofing contractor for built up flat roofs. A built-up roof (BUR), is a low-slope surface that consists of several layers of tar-based material covered with roof coatings.

In Pima County, many older homes with flat or low-slope roofs are topped by built-up roofing made with layers of roofing felt and asphalt tar. The upper layer is covered with roof coatings, which protect it from the UV rays of the sun.

The typical lifespan of built-up roofs is between 25 to 30 years, depending on the climate and the roofing materials used.


Issues with built-up roofs

If roof maintenance is neglected, built up roofs can suffer from the following problems:

✹ Blistering occurs when an oil-based product is covered prior to the oils dispersing, or if water becomes trapped between layers of roofing. The unforgiving sunlight and heat here in Tucson can cause water trapped under the roofing to vaporize and form blisters or bubbles. Once this happens, the roof coatings are likely to loosen. Most times, once you have blistering, it will just need to run its course.


✹ Ponding happens when standing water remains on a rooftop after rain. If the water is allowed to stand for too long of a period, it creates ponds that can cause damage to coatings. Almost all built-up roofs pond much of the time. If the roof is maintained, this is not an issue.

✹ Leaks can result from any cracks, holes, or loose roofing materials on built-up roofs. Water flows downward through the old or damaged roofing, and causes damage. Until the source of the leak is repaired, the damage can continue unseen and spread throughout larger areas of your roof.

If your built-up roof is showing any signs of the above-listed problems, you should contact RoofSmart, Tucson’s most experienced roofing contractor when it comes to flat roofs or low-slope roofs. We can quickly assess the condition of your built-up flat roof and recommend economical options for fixing the problems.

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