Your roof is your source of shelter and protection. When a leak is sprung, it can leave you and your loved ones feeling vulnerable to the elements. To make sure your roof provides proper protection, it’s imperative to regularly check and maintain your roof’s durability. Here are a few steps to take to keep your home safe.

Take a walk

Especially before and after monsoon season in Tucson, it’s always a good idea to walk around your house and look for damage. Check for loose or slipped shingles or tiles, signs of mold or discoloration. You should also check around flashings and metal trim for damage. Remember to do this from a distance, not actually walking on your roof. You can use binoculars to ensure your safety. You can call RoofSmart LLC in Tucson for a professional evaluation.

Clean your gutters

The pre monsoon winds and heavy rainfall from monsoon season can also cause build up in your gutters which causes back up. Ensure the brackets are secured to your house. Making sure your gutters are clear prevents excess rain from damaging your roof.

Trim your trees

One of the number one risks to your roof is tree debris blocking water flow from the roof or the threat of a fallen tree. During monsoon season, rain waters flood the soil and leave tree root’s vulnerable. Evaluate the trees around your house and look for signs of weakness. Add support where needed, and uproot those which pose too much of a risk. Look through the tops of your trees to see how much sky is visible. Trim the branches to make a more aerodynamic tree that is more likely to withstand storm winds. Also keep trees trimmed off roof so debris does not fall on the roof.

Cover leaks

Sometimes despite your best efforts, your roof leaks. Temporary fixes for leaking roofs include plywood, plastic sheeting, or roofing paper. ( The most important thing to do once you’ve spotted a leak is to call for professional help. If gone unaddressed for too long, mold can form and flooding will ensue.

Call for help

After inspecting your home and discovering some trouble areas, the next step is to call for help. In the Tucson area, RoofSmart LLC can help you with all your roofing needs.

For a free roof evaluation, call RoofSmart LLC today. Calling now can make all the difference in keeping your home safe and covered.