Of the five types of common roof coating options, acrylic coatings are the most common in Tucson.

Roof coatings are practical solutions to controlling heat loss, protecting the roof from harsh weather, and extending the lifespan of your roofing materials. However, no one roof coating fits all types of roofing materials. Below are some roof coating options that you may consider for your roof in Tucson.

Silicone coatings

Silicone is common in areas that experience a lot of rain and the roof is often wet. It is also suitable for areas that have high ultraviolet rays and require a reflective roof to reflect the rays away from the roof.  It is the best bet for a cool house and also very expensive

Acrylic coatings – most common

Acrylic coatings are available in solvent and water based formulas. The qualities of the coating depend on the formula used. However, it has good weathering properties and reflects away the UV rays. The choice of the formula depends on the type of the roof, adhesion, and temperature changes among others.

Polyurethane coatings

These types of coatings are solvent based and come in either aliphatic or aromatic types. The aromatic type is less UV stable than aliphatic. The coating has high abrasion resistance characteristics. Thus, it is preferred in areas where there is high foot traffic on the roof or places that experience hailstorms.

Bitumen based coatings

This type of coating can be used with water or solvents. The coating is cheap and is compatible with many roofing materials. It is also less expensive than other types of roof coatings.

Asphalt coatings

Asphalt coating comes in either aluminized or black emulsions. They have good weather adaptability and are reflective and UV-stable. They work well on bitumen and asphalt-based roofs.


Consider the main reason for applying the coating to the roof. Such reasons could be roof restoration or repair, saving on energy, or reflecting UV rays. Consider the coating with the best properties based on the main problem with your roof.

Hire a professional roof coating contractor, RoofSmart LLC, to do the roof coatings. If done well, you can forget about the repair of your roof for the number of years given on the guarantee. Just ensure that the service comes with a warranty.  Moreover, avoid hiring a firm just because it is cheap. The quality sometimes comes at a price. Substandard work may cost you much more in the future with regular repairs and coating.