Well, it looks as if the monsoon season in Pima County is finally over, and some Tucson residents are now left picking up the pieces after this year’s extreme winds “de-roofed” at least one Tucson home.

During a recent monsoon windstorm that was particularly intense, a Tucson man’s entire roof was torn off by high winds and dumped into a neighbor’s yard. Fortunately, as reported in local news, there were no injuries.

The monsoon season in Tucson

Beginning in late June here in Tucson, temperatures usually rise to hellish levels. The dry landscape bakes under the relentless Arizona sun. Then, the clouds roll in. When the first drops of rain appear, the monsoon season has officially arrived.

The word monsoon is used to refer either to a single major thunderstorm, or to the entire rainy season. The word itself originates from the Arabic word for “wind shift” or “season change.” A monsoon season occurs in various regions worldwide, including Asia, where it can be quite destructive.

Here in Tucson, the monsoon season means gusting winds and heavy rains that can push homeowners’ roofs to the limit, and sometimes far beyond.

The Arizona monsoon season begins around June 15 and ends around September 30 each year, but the peak generally comes between the middle of July and the middle of August. In fact, the state of Arizona typically receives about half its total annual rainfall during our monsoon season.

During a monsoon, roofs may be buffeted by high winds and deluged by rain. Roof leaks are common, and roof repairs are often necessary. Roofs that are older than 10 years frequently require attention after a monsoon, yet savvy homeowners make a point of inspecting their roofs and taking corrective actions before the season begins.

A good roofer can monsoon-proof your home

Before the winds and rains come to Tucson, you should take a few minutes to check the visible parts of your roof. Any detached shingles or loose roofing could easily be dislodged during a storm, which would expose your home and its contents to water damage, as well as creating a risk of damage or injury from flying debris.

If your home needs roof repairs, you should contact RoofSmart, Tucson’s leading roofer, before the next monsoon. We offer a free inspection, and we can perform any repairs or re-roofing necessary to help ensure that your home stays dry and secure during the next monsoon season.